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Tony Porreco is a guitar instructor who provides private lessons to students of all ages and experience levels in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. 


With over 15 years of study, Tony has performed in a wide variety of musical settings and projects including rock/pop bands, theater productions, pit orchestras and solo. 

Tony designs students' lessons to closely align with the music that they love. Regarding his teaching style, "In my experience, budding guitar players (both myself and others) develop because of the fun they have from being able to play along to the songs they love by the artists that speak to them."

"I maintain an ongoing dialogue with students about the music they're listening to and teach the fundamentals, technique and music theory from the vantage point of their favorite artists, whether that's Taylor Swift, Mumford and Sons or anything else in the world of pop/rock, from any era."

Lessons can take place either in the student's home or the instructor's rehearsal space.

Interested in lessons? Email Tony at to get started.  Share a bit about yourself and the student (e.g. favorite artists, goals, age, experience level), as well as when you're looking to begin lessons.

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On stage with Black Checker @ Washington, DC's Rock n' Roll Hotel.


Following David Bowie's death in January 2015, Tony took a time out to record a live cover of Bowie's "Changes" as a tribute to the late artist. 

A clip illustrating Tony's approach to lead guitar composition, which blends melodic playfulness with punk energy.