podcast/audio producer

- "Showing the world how DC rocks."

Hometown Sounds is a podcast and music blog devoted to covering the music of Washington, DC. "It's simple," says Founder/Editor Paul Vodra. "We play music of all genres made by people living in DC, or the surrounding suburbs."

In addition to co-hosting the biweekly Hometown Sounds podcast with Paul, Tony also engineers, edits and produces the show's final recording.

Each episode, Tony and Paul oversee a well-curated selection of the best new music coming out of the District amid enthusiastic discussion of happenings in DC's music scene that ranges from cerebral to absurdist.

Learn more about Hometown Sounds at and subscribe to the show in your favorite podcast app.

iTunes Listener Reviews:

"They truly are THE source to go to if you want to know what's up with Washington, DC's bands and artists. In between featuring songs, these super entertaining hosts offer hilarious, insightful commentary. This podcast is so good, you won't want it to end - no joke. Not only will you walk away with high quality music that just filled your ear holes, but you'll find yourself wanting to be friends with the hosts. Very good podcast indeed." - She Is Too Funny, 10/1/14

"Most people don't realize it, but there is a resurgence of really great music being created right now in DC, MD and VA. Tony and Paul from Hometown Sounds have a finger on the pulse, discovering the top up and coming artists in an enjoyable biweekly format." - David Dejett, 11/26/14

"Hometown Sounds is an essential listen for music fans of all varieties. If you're living in DC, it'll keep you in the know about all the bands happening in the current scene 'asplosion', but more than that, it's always just about an hour of great music." - KCDEEC, 5/14/15